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Following the original JISCPress project, we received extra ‘benefits and realisation’ funds to work on making the outcomes of the JISCPress project sustainable. We concentrated on the digress.it plugin and version 3 will be available any day now. RC-3 can be downloaded from our Google code site.

We committed to creating some video tutorials to introduce new users to digress.it. They can now be viewed, embedded and downloaded from Vimeo. Here’s an example. They are all licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. If you would like the original project files for remixing for your own uses/branding, we can supply them on DVD.

What is digress.it and why use it? from University of Lincoln on Vimeo.

A transcript for the videos is on Google docs.
If you’re using digress.it or interested in using it, please do join the discussion list. There are over 60 people on the list and we’ve received a lot of help testing the new version of digress.it from people on the mailing list. Thank you!

There will be a post soon on the accessibility review of digress.it and what we’ve done to address it in the new version of digress.it.

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